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Game Shop UI

The Game Shop has a variety of goods to purchase! It is the only place to buy gloves.

It is accessible from the "left menu" -> "Shops"

Things Sold

Item Price Notes
Earthworm Bait 10
Scroll 500,000
Fertilizer 10,000
Bronze Gloves 100 Needs 50 total level
Iron Gloves 3,000 Needs 150 total level
Mithril Gloves 250,000 Needs 450 total level
Adamantite Gloves 1,500,000 Needs 600 total level
Runite Gloves 7,500,000 Needs 750 total level
Stygian Gloves 30,000,000 Needs 900 total level


  • Some items in the shop can be purchased in the Marketplace
  • It is not recommended to buy some items as you can purchase it for cheaper in the Marketplace