Giant King

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Giant King
Giant King
Released18-08-2021 (Update)
ZonesGiant's Keep
Combat Level?[?]
Max Hit35 x2
Attack StyleSlash[?]
Attack Speed1.5 - 6 (Avg. 3)
Combat Stats
ConstitutionAttackStrengthDefenseMagic SplashRange Splash
Attack Bonus
Defence Bonus
Strength Bonus
Melee StrRanged StrMagic Str

The Giant King is a dungeon exclusive boss monster found in Giant's Keep and entered using the Giant's Keep Key. A stronger version is found in the RISE OF INFO dungeon.

Although giants are weak against crush type weapons, the Giant King does not seem to specifically have any strengths or weaknesses.

The Giant King will become the Enraged Giant King once defeated.


The Giant King has many attack types with a predetermined rotation.
Auto Attack -> Sweep -> Lash Out -> Auto Attack -> Savage Strike -> Lash Out -> Savage Strike -> Lightning Strikes Thrice -> (Repeat)

Attack Max Hit Type Target Speed
Auto Attack 28[?] Physical SplashSlash[?] Single 3
Sweep 21 Physical SplashSlash All 3.75
Lash Out 14 Physical SplashSlash Single 1.5
Savage Strike 35 x2 Physical SplashSlash All x2 2.7
Lightning Strikes Thrice 25 Lightning SplashSlash (Lightning) Three 6

When fighting with less than 5 players, multi-target attacks can target the missing player slot thus hitting less players.[?]
E.g. Lightning Strikes Thrice can hit 2 or 3 players when fighting with 4 players.



Item Quantity Price
Stone Stone 1 1