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Shrine of Toucan UI
Shrine of Toucan UI

The Shrine of Toucan is a weekly event to appease Le Toucan. It will provide a global buff for a minimum of 12 hours, based on the gold donation milestones reached. The buff is applied and the milestones are renewed every Friday at 15:00 (3PM) UTC. The shrine can be accessed from the navigation menu, under the Commerce section.

The Shrine of Toucan is not available in Ironman mode.[1]

Possible Global Buffs

The Shrine of Toucan can roll for a maximum of three different buffs.

General Buffs
Buff Description
Prospector Increases chance to find gems while mining by a mysterious amount.
Gathering Gain a 10% chance to find an extra resource while gathering.
Superheating Gain a 1% chance to instantly smelt an ore into a bar while mining.
Haste Increases action speed by 4%.
Naturalist Increases chance to find chests by 20% while gathering.
Efficiency Gain a 1% chance to produce an extra item during Smithing and Cooking.
Fishing Increases fishing catch rate by 5%.
Cooking Decreases chance to burn food by 4%.
Crafting Reduce crafting material costs by 2%.
Refining Gain a chance to find gems while smithing.
Runecrafting Reduces essence usage while runecrafting by 5%.
Chances Increase the chance of a successful augmentation by 1%.
Shrimp Lord Gain a 5% chance to find raw shrimp while cooking.
Enlightenment Gain 1 more essence whenever essence is acquired.
Prolonging Gain 10% more stacks from items such as cooked food with buffs.
Inferno Gain a 5% chance to automatically smelt ores an additional time while smithing.
Nature Gain 5% chance to collect bonus logs while foraging.
Root Digging Gain a chance to find gems while foraging.
Farming Gain a 1% chance to get double the yield when harvesting.
Gold Digger Gain a chance to get up to 1,000 gold coins when harvesting.
Fertilizing Gain 10% of the effect of fertilizer.
Cultivation Gain a 1% chance to get a seed back when harvesting.
Intuition Gain 5% increased experience while doing most things.

If a combat buff is rolled, all possible subsequent rolls will also be combat buffs.

Combat Buffs
Buff Description
Critical Strike Gain a 5% chance to critically hit the enemy.
Accuracy Increases accuracy by 5%.
Healing Boost health regeneration rate.
Reinforcement Decreases enemy accuracy by 5%.
Protection Reduces all damage taken by 4%.
Recklessness Increases outgoing damage by 1.
Treasure Hunter Increases chances of finding rare items from slain enemies by 3%.
Patience Increases the efficiency of slower attacks.
Nimble Increases defense by about 10%.
Demon Skin All damage taken is reduced by 1.