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Smithing UI

Smithing is a production skill through which players create a wide variety of metal bars from Ore and Heat. It is the companion skill of Mining, which generates raw materials used in Smithing. Many smithable items are useful in combat and the leveling of other skills such as Crafting. Smithing is also a very popular way to get money, as the supplies for making a bar usually costs less than what the bar sells for.

Smithing speed is based on your Smithing level. The formula for smithing speed is:


Bar Level Exp GP Heat Required Ore Required Base Time (Seconds)
Bronze 1 10 25 1 1 Tin Ore
1 Copper Ore
Iron 15 100 100 5 3 Iron Ore 12
Gold 30 100 1,500 20 10 Gold Ore 20
Mithril 50 200 500 50 5 Mithril Ore 30
Adamantite 60 300 3,000 100 10 Adamantite Ore 44
Runite 85 1,000 9,000 200 15 Runite Ore 90
Stygian 90 1,500 12,000 500 25 Stygian Ore
10 Ichor


Equipment can used to support smithing outside of enchantments.

Name Source Effect Augmenting Bonus Enchantment Slots
Crest of Chaos Crest of Chaos Rare +5 Obsidian Med Helm Augment None +3 Smithing Level 5


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of Refining Scroll of Refining Gloves, Boots 34 400 40 Air, Earth, Fire, Cosmic Gain a chance to find gems while smithing.
Scroll of Inferno Scroll of Inferno Gloves, Boots 46 600 50 Earth, Fire, Chaos Gain a 5% chance per smithing/cooking action to complete another smithing/cooking action.
Scroll of Efficiency Scroll of Efficiency Gloves, Boots 91 1100 90 Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Nature Gain a 1% chance to produce an extra item during cooking and smithing.
Scroll of Prolonging Scroll of Prolonging Gloves, Boots 58 700 60 Nature, Mind Gain 10% more buff stacks from consumables.
Scroll of Enlightenment Scroll of Enlightenment Gloves, Boots 73 900 70 Air, Water, Chaos, Mind Gain 1 more essence per action where essence is acquired.
Scroll of Pyromancy Scroll of Pyromancy Ring, Necklace 7 100 30 Fire, Water, Nature Use 10% less heat when cooking and smithing.
Scroll of Wealth Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature, Mind,
Automatically sell resources for 20% more gold than their normal value.
Scroll of the Scholar Scroll of the Scholar Ring, Necklace 88 1000 90 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Gain 20% more experience, buy NO items. This does not
apply to combat, farming, or crafting.
Scroll of Haste Scroll of Haste Ring, Necklace 94 1100 100 Air, Chaos, Mind,
Increases non-combat action speed by 4%.