Aberrant Shrimp

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Aberrant Shrimp
Released1-9-2020 (Alikar's Follery Event)
ZonesShrimp Bauble
Combat Level?
Max Hit?
Attack Style?
Attack Speed?
Combat Stats
ConstitutionAttackStrengthDefenseMagic SplashRange Splash
Attack Bonus
Defence Bonus
Strength Bonus
Melee StrRanged StrMagic Str
Demon Skin +4
All damage taken reduced by 4.

Aberrant Shrimps are summoned when a shrimp bauble is augmented until it fails and breaks. Aberrant shrimp have 300 HP and drop powerful armor pieces.

Aberrant Shrimp has Demon Skin +4 which reduces incoming damage by 4 and is the only monster known to have an enchantment.

It is recommended to at least have:

  • Around 60 defense bonus
  • Around level 55 combat skills
  • Obsidian or Mithril Battleaxe (Crush is really important)
  • Food with at least 20 hp mixed with some demon skin food in a 1 to 1 ratio

Keep in mind that results may vary.


Main Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Shrimp Carapace 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp Helm 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp Greaves 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp Shell 1 1/4* 10,000
Shrimp 1-9 -

*One of these drops is guaranteed, players may still obtain duplicates of the same piece.

Universal Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Satchel.png Satchel 1 Very rare 1000
Mysterious Seed 1 Very rare 7