Ancient Harpoon

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Ancient Harpoon
Ancient Harpoon
Ancient Treasure
An ancient harpoon, probably dragged up from some ancient aquatic ruin. Not much good on its own in this condition; it would take a master crafter to repair it...

Ancient Harpoon is one of the three types of Ancient Gear you can get from Fishing / Opening Ancient Treasure. One of each of these 3 pieces is used to create and augment the end game-tier tacklebox Ocean's Embrace.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Ancient Harpoon can also be obtained through a crafting recipe to transform one of the other pieces of Ancient Gear.

Level Exp Materials
Ancient Harpoon 90 45,000 900 Fishing Shard
Ancient Harpoon 90 4,500 50 Aquamarine
1 Ancient Fishing Rod
50 Mystical Driftwood
Ancient Harpoon 90 4,500 50 Aquamarine
1 Ancient Fishing Net
50 Mystical Driftwood