Aspect of Chaos

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Aspect of Chaos
DescriptionConverts 5% of damage into chaos damage. COSMETIC ONLY UNTIL C2.OP2
Max Buff (+Food)3

Aspect of Chaos currently does nothing except change the attack animation to chaos.

Regular Hit Critical Hit


The Signet Ring comes with Aspect of Chaos +3 as default.

Name Source Melee Strength Magic Strength Accuracy Defence All Augment Bonus Augment Cost Base Enchantment Enchantment Slots
Signet Ring Chaos Wastes 5 5 5 2.5 Magic +0.5 melee str
+0.5 magic str
+0.5 accuracy
+1 magic def
50 Stygian Bar
500 Chaos Rune
Aspect of Chaos +3

Converts 15% of damage into chaos damage COSMETIC ONLY UNTIL C2.0P2


Cannot overwrite enchantment


Aspect of Chaos, like Aspect of Flame uses the Embers enchantment image.