Burning Feather

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Burning Feather
Burning Feather
Aug CostFire Essence x10,000
Rune Slate x250
Fire Rune x500
Infernal Flame x1
The feather itself appears to be made out of fire! You could probably lead yourself and one other wherever it's pointing. It just wants to go home, but you'd probably melt in there. Better bring some Flame Resistance food!

Burning Feather is a key to Palace of Flames, a 2-man dungeon. It can be crafted in the dungeon menu of the Crafting skill.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Item Unlock Level Base Exp Ingredients
Burning Feather Burning Feather
20,000 Fire Essence
750 Rune Slate
2,500 Fire Rune
1 Feather
3 Molten Ashes
3 Infernal Flame

Augmenting[edit | edit source]

You can augment Burning Feather up to a maximum of +10. Each augmentation does the following:

Treasure Hunter +4

Elite Stats +0.15

Loot +0.25