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Type of zoneCombat
MonstersGuard, Black Knight
Notable DropsObsidian Equipment, Dark Key Piece, Black Knight's Trial
Rec. Combat Levels20 - 60
Rec. GearObsidian - Adamantite

The City is a mid-tier combat area.

It is the only source of obsidian gear, which is not craftable and only drops from black knights.

Recommended Gear


Monster Encounter Rate Combat Level HP Drops
Guard Guard 80% 22 22 Gold (0 - 1035), Iron Boots, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Black Opal
Black Knight Black Knight 20% 42 42 Gold (0 - 500), Obsidian Scimitar, Obsidian Battleaxe, Obsidian Daggers, Obsidian Greatsword, Obsidian Helm, Obsidian Full Helm, Obsidian Shield, Obsidian Breastplate, Obsidian Chainmail, Obsidian Plate Leggings, Obsidian Boots, Mithril Boots, Black Knight's Trial (Elite Scroll), Dark Key Piece