Corrupted Ring

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Corrupted Ring
Corrupted Ring
Level Required-
Enchantment Slots3 (Initially has all 3 used)
Offensive Stats
AccuracyMelee Str
Defensive Stats
Augment Bonus
AccuracyMelee Str
Aug. Cost50 Gold Bars
5 Emeralds

Corrupted Ring is the first pure combat related jewelry to be released. After crafting, the ring is enchanted with a special enchantment called Corruption that consumes ichor received in combat to heal for 15 health and cannot be reenchanted.

The ring is untradable in crafted state.

How to Acquire[edit | edit source]

It is acquired, through crafting the combat drop Naga's Bracelet, dropped from Infected Naga

Level Exp Materials
Corrupted Ring 55 17,900 300 Gold Bars
10 Emeralds
2 Black Opal
1 Naga's Bracelet

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