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Idlescape has a community made drop table, it is made possible by data sent in by players. If you want to help out there is currently two different ways you can do it:

Fully Automatic Way


This way you get more than just helping out with community data, adds statistical and combat related data such as KPH/GPH

Author: D4M4G3X

Instructions are available here

Lootify is no longer updated

Semi-Automatic Way

This is best if you want an easy way to continuously send in loot logs

Author: Mrkef

Instructions are available on: https://codepen.io/Mrkef/pen/vYXQBrO

Amount of data required

The amount of data required to get a reliable drop rate depends on the "real" drop rate, how close you want to get to the "real" drop rate, and how sure you want to be that the drop rate you found is correct, and not a statistical anomaly.

The following tables lists the sample size (amount of kills needed) required to be 95% sure the drop rate found is correct. This is listed for a number of rarities of items and different accepted distances from the "real" value. Sample size for 10% means you need this sample size to be 95% sure you got within 10% of the real drop rate.

Determined based on two tailed Fisher's exact test using G*power.

Droprate (1 / x) sample size for 10% sample size for 50% sample size for 100% sample size for 500% sample size for 1000%
100 272k 13k 3932 457 158
500 1371k 66k 20k 2383 807
1500 4120k 200k 61k 8025 2427
5000 13m 669k 204k 26k 9891
15000 41m 2008k 614k 80k 29k