Elite Bone Giant

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Elite Bone Giant
Released04-04-2021 v0.8.8
ZonesCorroded Scroll
Black Knight's Fortress
Giant's Keep
Combat Level?
Max Hit20
Attack StyleCrush
Attack Speed3
Combat Stats
ConstitutionAttackStrengthDefenseMagic SplashRange Splash
Attack Bonus
Defence Bonus
Strength Bonus
Melee StrRanged StrMagic Str
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Elite Bone Giants are the elite version of the Bone Giant and is one of the two monsters found in the Corroded Scroll challenge. A stronger version can also be found in the Giant's Keep and renamed as the Familiar Stranger in the Black Knight's Fortress dungeon.

Giants are weak against crush type weapons, such as Battleaxes, the Moss Maul, and Chorus of Souls.


Elite monsters have drops rates that are 20~100 times more than their regular counterpart which is further multiplied in a higher challenge.


Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Death Rune Always 10
Nature Talisman.png Blood Talisman 1 Always -

Main Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Ichor Common 500
Air Rune.png Air Rune Common 10
Earth Rune.png Earth Rune Common 10
Fire Rune.png Fire Rune Common 10
Water Rune.png Water Rune Common 10
Blood Rune.png Blood Rune Common 10
Chaos Rune.png Chaos Rune Common 10
Nature Rune.png Nature Rune Common 10
Mind Rune.png Mind Rune Common 10
Cosmic Rune.png Cosmic Rune Common 10
Stygian Boots.png Stygian Boots Uncommon 2,880,000
Chorus of Souls Uncommon 2,000,000
Decayed Cloak Uncommon -
Corroded Scroll (Elite Scroll) Uncommon 500
Corrupted Fragment Corrupted Fragment Uncommon 500,000

Universal Drops

Image Item Quantity Rarity Price
Satchel.png Satchel Common 1000
Mysterious Seed Common 7


The Elite Bone Giant has a lighter image than the regular Bone Giant. (Elite on left)
Elite Bone GiantBone Giant