Forgotten Soul

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Forgotten Soul
Level Required70 attack
SourceSunken Treasure
SlotMain Hand/Two Handed
Attack Speed2.16/2.7s
Attack TypeSlash/Crush
Enchantment Slots0
Offensive Stats
AccuracyMelee Str
Defensive Stats
Augment Bonus
AccuracyMelee Str
Aug. Cost100 Death Runes
50 Ichor

Forgotten Soul is a very-rare drop from a Sunken Treasure. There are three different versions which are separable by their image and stats/slot.

They all have the requirement of level 70 attack to equip.

Which version you receive as a drop is determined based off the last version the server generated, 2handed slash, crush, 1handed crush. When successfully augmented, Souls cycle through the same order.

Name Requirement Attack Type Attack Speed Accuracy Melee strength Defense Augment Bonus Augment Cost Tooltip
Forgotten Soul Forgotten Soul (Slash) 70 Attack Slash 2.16s +70 +66 +1 Slash +5 acc, +5 melee str 100 Death Runes, 50 Ichor Driven mad by its endless drifting.
Forgotten Soul Forgotten Soul (Crush) 70 Attack Crush 2.7s +70 +85 - +5 acc, +5 melee str 100 Death Runes, 50 Ichor Long forgotten in the waves.
Forgotten Soul Forgotten Soul (2H Slash) 70 Attack Slash 2.7s +90 +93 - +5 acc, +5 melee str 100 Death Runes, 50 Ichor Perhaps forgotten, absolutely enraged.


"Soul Steal" - A poison attack that is 50% more accurate and does 25% less damage with a 15% chance to heal the player for 1/6 of the damage dealt.

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