Giant's Keep Key

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Giant's Keep Key
Giant's Keep Key
Aug CostFire Essence: 50000
Water Essence: 50000
Blood Essence: 50000
Chaos Essence: 50000
Nature Essence: 50000
Nature Fragment: 1
Ice Fragment: 1
Fire Fragment: 1

Giant's Keep Key is a key to Giant's Keep, a 5 man dungeon. It can be crafting by combining fragments and essence.


Item Unlock Level Base Exp Ingredients
Giant's Keep Key Giant's Keep Key
150,000 Fire Essence
150,000 Water Essence
150,000 Blood Essence
150,000 Chaos Essence
150,000 Nature Essence

1 Nature Fragment
1 Ice Fragment
1 Fire Fragment
1 Corrupted Fragment
1 Chaos Fragment


You can augment Giant's Keep Key up to a maximum of +10. Each augmentation does the following:

Treasure Hunter +4

Elite Stats +0.15

Loot +0.25