Goblin Village

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Goblin Village
Type of zoneCombat
Elite Goblin
Notable DropsSearing Ladle
Rec. Combat Levels80+
Rec. GearObsidian

The Goblin Village is a mid-tier group combat area. It is the sole source of the Searing Ladle. To access the Goblin Village, a Torn Goblin Settlement Map is required.

The Goblin Village allows up to 3 players.

The goblins are ready to protect their village!

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 80+ in all three combat skills
  • Armor: Obsidian/Runite with enchantments.
  • Weapon: Runite
  • Food: 500+
  • Completion Time: 10 mins

The goblins are enraged!

Solo Gear

  • Level: 90 - 99
  • Armor: Stygian 5+ with enchantments.
  • Weapon: Shard of Kalanahmatti
  • Food: 500+
  • Completion Time: 5 mins

It's the goblin chef!


The secrets of goblin cooking may be uncovered through more 'research...'

Monster Encounters Max Hit HP Notable Drops
Goblin Goblin 7 19 90 - 180
Elite Goblin Elite Goblin 3 45 207 - 310 Scrap of Stained Parchment
Lesser Ladle
Greater Ladle
Goblin Village Goblin Village Completion - - Searing Ladle[?]

Huts and shacks lay in smouldering ruins around you. This village is no more.