Hardened Hook Bait

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Hardened Hook Bait
Hardened Hook Bait
A hook designed to make reeling in big catches easier. Gives +35 reel, +20 bonus rarity, and +3 fishing levels.

Hardened Hook Bait is one of the types of bait available in the game. Putting Hardened Hook Bait in your tacklebox will increase your reel power by 35, increase bonus rarity by 20, and gives 3 effective levels of fishing.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Hardened Hook Bait is obtained through a crafting recipe and makes 12 bait per craft.

Level Exp Materials
Hardened Hook Bait 35 75 3 Adamantite Bar

Players may also buy Hardened Hook Bait from others in the Marketplace.