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DescriptionGain 5% increased experience from most actions (Farming excluded).
Max Buff (+Food)4 +2
Max Effect (+Food)20% (30%) increased exp
Cooking Ingredient
SourceFarming - Sageberry Bush Seed
Effect10% increased exp

Each Intuition buff increases experience gained by 5%. Buffs can be gained from eating food with intuition and from the global buff when a player donates to the game.

Experience gained from Scholar is additive. Eg. 120% Scholar + 20% Intuition is 140% more experience.


Food with intuition gives 10% increased experience from most actions (Farming excluded).

When crafting, it is better to make a large batch of an item as it will only consume a single buff.


Donating to the game will give everyone a global buff of 20% increased experience. A minimum of US$3 can be donated and for every US$1 donated, the buff is extended for 5 minutes. Unlike the Shrine buff, Ironman can benefit from the buff.