Lava Maze

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Lava Maze
Type of zoneCombat
MonstersDeadly Red Spider, Lesser Demon
Notable DropsRunite Boots, Demonic Trial
Rec. Combat Levels60 - 80
Rec. GearRunite

The Lava Maze is a high-tier combat area.

It is one of the only sources of Runite Boots, which are not craftable and only drop from demons.

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 60+ in all three combat skills
  • Corrupted Ring: Heals 15 health for every lesser demon killed. (if it drops ichor)
  • Armor: Runite or better, a shield with healing enchantment will improve your ability to farm lava maze.
  • Weapon: None of the monsters have a weakness to an attack type, therefore any type is viable, Runite or above is recommended


Monster Encounter Rate Combat Level HP Drops
Deadly Red Spider Deadly Red Spider 40% 34 35 Spider Legs, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Black Opal
Lesser Demon Lesser Demon 60% 82 81 Ichor, Burnt Fish, Scroll, Ashes, Adamantite Boots, Runite Boots, Gold Ore, Gems, Runes, Demonic Trial (Elite Scroll)