Mantle of Flame

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Mantle of Flame
Mantle of Flame
Level Required-
Enchantment Slots0 (5 hidden for xp)
Defensive Stats
Augment Bonus
AccuracyMelee StrMagic StrRange Str
Aug. CostHeat x15,000
Fire Rune x2,500
Feather x1,000
Molten Ashes x1

Mantle of Flame is a cape-type item, it was the first DPS (damage per second) focused cape and first animated item released in Idlescape.
It has no requirements to be equipped.

Mantle of Flame has an item ability called "Phoenix's Flame" that gives the player a chance to be resurrected after being hit by a fatal blow, this chance percentage can be increased when augmenting the mantle. The player will receive a resurrection sickness debuff when resurrected causing reduced healing, offensive, and defensive stats.

How to Acquire

It is acquired as a drop from Phoenix in Palace of Flames.

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