Novice Tacklebox

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Novice Tacklebox
Novice Tacklebox
Enchantment Slots1
Defensive Stats
Fishing SkillBait Power
Reel Power
Augment Bonus
Fishing SkillBait Power
Reel PowerBonus Rarity
Aug. Cost2 Bronze Bar
4 Log
1 Rotten Driftwood

Novice Tacklebox is the lowest tier tacklebox players are able to craft.

Novice Tacklebox gives 3 effective fishing levels, 15 bait power, and 5 reel power when equipped.

How to Acquire

Novice Tacklebox is acquired through crafting.

Level Exp Materials
Novice Tacklebox 2 156 20 Bronze Bar
40 Log
3 Fishing Net
3 Rotten Driftwood


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of Pungent Bait Scroll of Pungent Bait Tacklebox 14 200 30 Nature, Water Increase bait power by 3.
Scroll of Reinforced Line Scroll of Reinforced Line Tacklebox 23 300 40 Water, Earth Increase reel power by 3.
Scroll of Fishing Magnetism Scroll of Fishing Magnetism Tacklebox 33 400 40 Cosmic, Water, Earth Increase bonus rarity by 2 and decreases bait and reel power by the same amount. Increases chance to find known rare nodes.
Scroll of Bait Preservation Scroll of Bait Preservation Tacklebox 47 600 60 Chaos, Water, Earth Increases chance to preserve bait by 4%.
Scroll of Oil Spill Scroll of Oil Spill Tacklebox 69 800 70 Death, Water, Earth Adds a 5% chance to try and extract fish oil from a fish based on the fish's size. There is a chance that fish oil may not be created if the fish is too small.
Scroll of Deadliest Catch Scroll of Deadliest Catch Tacklebox 71 900 70 Blood, Water, Earth Increases bonuses from bait by 5% but decreases chance of bait preservation by 5%. Increases chance to find known rare resources.