Obsidian Breastplate

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Obsidian Breastplate
Obsidian Breastplate
Level Required20 Defense
SourceDrop from Black Knight
Enchantment Slots5
Defensive Stats
Augment Bonus
Aug. Cost35 Iron Bars
35 Mithril Bars

An Obsidian Breastplate is body armor that provides some defensive bonuses when in combat. It requires 20 defense to equip.

How to Acquire

It can be obtained as a rare drop from black knights in the City.


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of Weakening Scroll of Weakening Helm, Body,
Legs, Weapon,
4 100 20 Air, Fire, Mind Decreases the level requirements of the item by 5.
Scroll of Reinforcement Scroll of Reinforcement Helm, Body,
13 200 30 Death, Chaos, Mind Reduce the enemy's chance to hit by 5%.
Scroll of Protection Scroll of Protection Helm, Body,
31 400 40 Air, Earth, Cosmic Reduces all damage taken by 4%.
Scroll of Recklessness Scroll of Recklessness Helm, Body,
81 1000 80 Blood, Death, Chaos Increases outgoing damage by 1.
Scroll of Patience Scroll of Patience Body, Legs 82 1000 80 Air, Water, Death Increases the efficiency of slower attacks.

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