Prismatic Necklace

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Prismatic Necklace
Prismatic Necklace
Level Required-
Enchantment Slots6
Augment Bonus
Aug. Cost100 Gold Bars
1 Sapphire
1 Emerald
1 Ruby
1 Diamond
1 Black Opal

The Prismatic Necklace is currently the best available piece of jewelry, with its counterpart being the prismatic ring. Both can hold up to six enchants.

As with any other necklace, augmenting a Prismatic Necklace will provide +0.5 in all defensive stats per augmentation.

How to Obtain

The only way to obtain a Prismatic Necklace is through a very rare transformation when augmenting a black opal necklace.


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of Gathering Scroll of Gathering Ring, Necklace 64 800 70 Earth, Fire, Water,
Mind, Cosmic
Gain a 10% chance to find an extra resource.
Scroll of Pyromancy Scroll of Pyromancy Ring, Necklace 7 100 30 Fire, Water, Nature Use 10% less heat when cooking and smithing.
Scroll of Wealth Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature, Mind,
Automatically sell resources for 20% more gold than their normal value.
Scroll of the Scholar Scroll of the Scholar Ring, Necklace 88 1000 90 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Gain 20% more experience, but NO items. This does not
apply to combat, farming, or crafting.
Scroll of Haste Scroll of Haste Ring, Necklace 94 1100 100 Air, Chaos, Mind,
Increases non-combat action speed by 4%.

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