Reinforced Line

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Reinforced Line
Reinforced Line
DescriptionIncrease reel power by 3.
Max Buff (+Food)8 +2
Max Effect (+Food)Increase reel power by 24 (30).
Scroll of Reinforced LineScroll of Reinforced Line
SlotTacklebox (8)
Rune Amount40
Rune TypeWater, Earth
Cooking Ingredient
Raw TigerfishRaw Tigerfish
EffectIncrease reel power by 6.

Reinforced Line increases reel power by 3 per buff. Reel power increases chance and speed of gathering resources from a node when fishing.


Fisherman's Smock comes with Reinforced Line +3 as default but can only be re-enchanted with body enchantments.

Only the higher enchantment takes effect if the same enchantment is applied on the tacklebox.

Name Source Base Def

Stab / Slash / Crush / Range / Magic

Augment Bonus Augment Cost Base Enchantment Enchantment Slots
Fisherman's Smock Fishing 16 / 16 / 16 / 16 / 16 +1 fishing skill
+1 bait power
+1 reel power
+1 bonus rarity
15 Aquamarine Reinforced Line +3

Increases reel power by 9.