Shrimp Helm

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Shrimp Helm
Shrimp Helm
Level Required30 Defense
Enchantment Slots0
Defensive Stats
Demon Skin
+2/+4 with 3/4 Shrimp Set
Augment Bonus
Aug. Cost1 Shrimp Bauble

Shrimp Helm is part of the Shrimp Armor set that is currently the only armor in game that provides Demon Skin buff if equipped. Equipping 3 or 4 pieces will give +2 or +4 stacks of Demon Skin respectively, with 2 or less equipped giving no buff.

How to Acquire

It is acquired as a 1/4 chance of dropping when killing an Aberrant Shrimp, the player need to summon the monster by acquiring a Shrimp Bauble.

A full guide on how to create Shrimp Bauble and summoning Aberrant Shrimp is located here.

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