Treasure Hunter

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Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter
DescriptionIncreases your chances of finding items from slain enemies by 3%.
Max Buff (+Food)6
Max Effect (+Food)18% increased combat drop chance
Scroll of the Treasure Hunter
SlotGloves (6)
Boots (6)
Rune Amount80
Rune TypeChaos, Nature, Cosmic

The Treasure Hunter enchantment also known as TH, increases all combat drop chances by 3% except for guaranteed (100%) drop items which do not get an additional drop roll.

Elite Scrolls

Treasure Hunter buffs for each combat zone can also be gained by completing their respective +1 or higher Elite Scroll challenge. Only the highest completed scroll applies the buff.

E.g. Completing a +3 and +4 Giants Scroll applies a +4 Treasure Hunter Buff to Valley of Giants.


Different equipment with the same enchantment do not stack and only the higher applies. i.e. TH2 Boots + TH3 Gloves = TH3

The Scroll of the Treasure Hunter can only be crafted with a maximum 96% success rate as mastery levels in Enchanting do not improve scroll crafting chance.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Rune 1 Rune 2 Rune 3 Rune 4 Rune 5 Effect
Scroll of the Treasure Hunter Gloves, Boots 85 1000 80 Chaos 80 Nature 80 Cosmic - - Increases your chances of finding items from slain enemies by 3%.