Valley of Giants

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Valley of Giants
Type of zoneCombat
MonstersFire Giant, Moss Giant, Ice Giant
Notable DropsFire Orb, Moss Maul, King's Crown, Kalanahmatti, Giant Scroll
Rec. Combat Levels75+
Rec. GearRunite - Stygian

The Valley of Giants is currently the highest-tier solo combat area. It is the source of 4 end-game items, and players require end-game equipment/food to survive.

Giants are weak to crush type weapons.

Recommended Gear


Monster Encounter Rate Combat Level HP Drops
Fire Giant Fire Giant 33.33% 117 130 Runes, Fire Talisman, Burnt Fish, Coal, Ashes, Stygian Boots, Fire Orb, Giant Scroll (Elite Scroll), Fire Fragment
Moss Giant Moss Giant 33.33% 124 150 Runes, Nature Talisman, Stygian Boots, Moss Maul, Giant Scroll (Elite Scroll), Nature Fragment
Ice Giant Ice Giant 33.33% 135 160 Fishes, Runes, Water Talisman, Stygian Boots, King's Crown, Kalanahmatti, Giant Scroll (Elite Scroll), Ice Fragment