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Game Rules

If you are unsure if something is not allowed, don't hesitate to ask a mod/admin either in-game or on discord.
1.1 User scripts are only allowed when they solely make visual changes.
Idlescape is not affiliated with any userscript, and use of 3rd party scripts is at your own risk
1.1.1 Any form of automation or botting is not allowed.
1.1.2 Creation, distribution or conversation on bots or automation devices are not allowed.
1.1.3 User scripts are under no circumstances allowed to make calls to the server.
1.1.4 The only allowed way to create actions in the game is through the built-in buttons and inputs
1.2 Only one account per player is allowed
You can have as many characters as a single account allows (one regular character, one ironman, one challenge ironman. Challenge Ironman are only approved by admins and can't be created by players)
1.2.1 Having multiple accounts is not allowed - Alts are not allowed.
1.2.2 Players must not share, transfer or lend their account to anyone else.
1.2.3 Account boosting is not allowed (Utilizing an account for the sole benefit of one person)
1.2.4 Don't impersonate others
1.3 Trading any items, services or other things from outside of Idlescape for items, services or other things inside of Idlescape is against the rules
Breaking this rule will result in a tradeban for both players and any gained advantage to be taken away
1.4 Spamming multiple listings of the same item on market.
For example: putting several items at or around the same price in low quantities, would be considered spamming
1.5 Only use the @mods tag for emergencies such as spamming, racism, things being broken etc. Unnecessary use will result in a mute. Use the feedback button or create a discord ticket if you need to get in touch with mods.

Chat Rules

Idlescape General Chat is a mature place as such.

2.1 Spamming is not allowed
2.1.1 Unnecessary repetition of the same message is not allowed
2.1.2 Unnecessary use of caps lock is not allowed
2.1.3 Asking for free items is not allowed
2.1.4 Other messages that qualify as spam are not allowed
2.2 Talk or links to explicit content is not allowed
2.2.1 Talk or links to Pornography is not allowed
2.2.2 Discussing or advocating illegal activity of any kind, such as the use of illegal drugs
2.2.3 Talk or links about other types of explicit content is not allowed
2.3 Respect other people
2.3.1 Don't insult others
2.3.2 No racism
2.3.3 No discrimination
2.3.4 No other disrespectful or rude remarks
2.4 Do not abuse, promote, help, or discuss abuse of unintended mechanics.
2.4.1 Promoting or giving advice on the use of bots is not allowed
2.4.2 Promoting or giving advice on the use of automation is not allowed
2.4.3 Promoting or giving advice on abusing bugs is not allowed
2.4.4 Sharing information obtained in an unintended manner is not allowed (e.g. spreading unknown datamined information)
The first instance of breaking rule 2.4.4 will be punished with a 7 day mute without warning
2.5 Use chat in the way they where meant to be used
2.5.1 No trade chat in general and vice-versa
2.5.2 Speak English
Occasional use of other languages may be allowed, but keep it minimal
2.5.3 External links need to be as short as possible, have a clear purpose, and need to be direct links.
Links that are beneficial to a player are not allowed, this includes referral-links, promotional links, and advertisement links
2.6 Any risk to the general peace and/or degrading to the quality of chat or experience playing the game for other players is not allowed
2.7 All chat rules also apply to player names, item names, and chatroom names.
Names that do not follow this rule are subject to be "flowered". Having a name that previously did not get flowered is no guarantee for the future

User made chat channels are exempt from rule 2.1: "Spamming is not allowed" and rule 2.5: "Use chat in the way they where meant to be used." Other rules do apply to user made chat channels, and the chat channel owner has the responsibility to ensure the rules are followed.

Scripts and Extensions

Scripts and extensions are allowed to a certain extent, any form of automation of game mechanics is disallowed, unless they are built in.
Things which are not allowed
Any form of usage, distribution or development of extensions which communicate with the game server, are not allowed and will result in a ban.
Only allowed way to communicate with the server and send requests, is by the game's own UI. Things which are not allowed for example:
  • Having a relisting button in marketplace. This directly communicates with server by sending first a unlist request, and then a market listing post request.
  • Fetching prices of market items. This would send requests to server to fetch the prices for individual items.
  • Adding a hotkey to augmenting.
Things which would be allowed
  • Having additional metrics, exp/hm, etc., in resource nodes.
  • UI changes and new UI element, as long as they don't SEND requests to server.
  • Show in UI what buffs from equipment you have active.

These guidelines are non exhaustive, moderators and administrators will moderate at their discretion.

If you think an error was made by a moderator or administrator, feel free to use the "Send Feedback" to get it reviewed.

If you feel the rules are wrong, unfair, or incomplete, feel free to use the "Send Feedback" to get it reviewed.