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Combat UI

Combat is a game-play mechanic where players fight enemies located within increasingly more difficult zones. A beginner's guide on combat can be found on the wiki page combat guide or on the forum combat guide made by Magnus.

There are 6 skills to level in combat; constitution, attack, strength, and defense, magic and range.



Solo Combat

Zone Lowest Recommended Combat Levels Lowest Recommended Gear
Farm 1 - 20 None - Bronze
Caves 10 - 30 Bronze - Iron
City 20 - 60 Iron - Adamantite
Deep Pit * 50 - 60 Adamantite - Runite
Living Forest * 50 - 60 Adamantite - Runite
Lava Maze 60 - 80 (Using 1 of Healing, Overhealing, or Corrupted Ring) Adamantite - Runite
Corrupted Lands 70 - 90 (Using 1-2 of Healing, Overhealing, or Corrupted Ring) Runite - Stygian
Valley of Giants 80 - 99 (Using 1-2 of Healing or Overhealing) Runite - Stygian
Elite Scroll <- Click for more info Runite - Stygian

Zones marked with * are special combat areas

Group Combat

Zone Lowest Recommended Combat Levels Lowest Recommended Gear Maximum Amount Of Players
Chaos Wastes 90 - 99 Stygian +5 2
Goblin Village 80 - 99 Obsidian +5/Runite +0 3
Dark Fortress 90 - 99 Runite +5 3
Giant's Keep 99 Stygian +5 5
RISE OF INFO 99 See ROI page 10

Encounter table

Zones Monster Encounter Rate HP
Farm Chicken 30% 3
Rat 30% 2
Cow 30% 8
Goblin 10% 5
Caves Goblin 45% 5
Imp / Greater Imp 55% 10
City Guard 80% 22
Black Knight 20% 42
Living Forest Spriggan 100% 75
Deep Pit Greater Demon 100% 89
Lava Maze Deadly Red Spider 40% 35
Lesser demon 60% 81
Corrupted Lands Corrupted Tree 45% 95
Infected Naga 45% 100
Bone Giant 10% 125
Valley of Giants Fire Giant 33% 130
Moss Giant 33% 150
Ice Giant 33% 160
Chaos Wastes* Chaos Giant 50% 300
Chaotic Abomination 50% 425

* Chaos Wastes is a combat zone balanced for group combat, allowing a maximum of two players in a party to fight alongside each other. Stats differ for one and two players.

Special combat areas include the Foraging zone Living Forest, and the Mining zone Deep Pit, where you may randomly encounter Spriggans or Greater Demons respectively. Players may not run from these encounters, and failing results in a 15-minute lockout timer before they can access that zone again.

Combat Experience

Players gain combat skill experience when dealing damage; 2 experience in the selected combat skill and 1 experience in Constitution per damage dealt. When fighting in a balanced stance, each skill gains 2/3 of an experience per point of damage. Fractions of experience are not shown but are kept so a balanced stance does not gain or lose experience through rounding.


Death occurs when a player's health reaches zero. The preceding action will be cancelled and the player returns to idling.

Health slowly regenerates on its own and can be modified with the Scroll of Healing. Dying will not result in the loss of exp/items/gold etc.


Combat skills
Constitution Constitution in addition to the Scroll of Fortitude is the skill that determines a player's maximum hitpoints (HP). The amount of health left can be seen next to the heart icon in the combat page.

Food can restore health inside or outside of battle, and can provide buffs to combat for a short time.

Default auto-eat will only trigger when the missing HP is less than 3/2 the food healing amount. Change auto-eat to percent of HP remaining in settings for high healing food if max HP is too low to trigger the default setting.

Attack Attack determines a player's hit chance, along with the players accuracy bonus.
Strength Strength contributes to your maximum damage per hit, along with the players melee strength bonus.
Defense Defense determines a players dodge chance.

Mastery levels have no effect on combat.


There are various stats that can affect combat. These stats are determined by a player's equipment (armor and weapon), although each point in a player's level contributes more to stats than equipment.


Accuracy is determined from a combination of stats from equipment and attack level which is used to determine hit chance.

The formula for accuracy is

Keep in mind that the hit chance is also determined by an enemy's defense toward your attack type.

The only way to deal 0 damage is by missing the target, all accurate hits will deal at least 1 damage. The Demon Skin buff can decrease a damage to 0.


Strength from equipment determines the maximum damage you can deal along with strength level. The damage you deal can also be affected by enchantments such as Scroll of Critical Strike, Scroll of Patience, and Scroll of Recklessness. Keep in mind that patience and recklessness adds to both the minimum and maximum damage while strength only adds to the maximum damage.

Max hit can be calculated with the following formula:

Max hit from a hard-hitting monster can only be decreased with the Scroll of Protection and/or the Demon Skin buff.


Defense from equipment and bonuses determine the dodge rate along with defense level. Keep in mind that dodge chance is also determined by enemy's attack and your defense to their attack type.

The formula for defense is where you use the corresponding defense bonus for whatever type of attack you are defending from (ex. Stab).

Attack Type

There are three attack types (slash, stab, crush) which is determined by the weapon you use (bare hands are considered crush). Attack type determines the type of defense the enemy uses. This can be important since some enemies are weak to one type of attack, making it easier to hit if that type of attack is used. E.g. all giants are weak to crush, making battleaxes effective weapons to use.

Hit Chance

If Accuracy > Defense:


Attack Speed

Attack speed is a stat that determines the amount of time between attacks. The attack speed differs with every weapon. Bare fists have an attack speed of 2.4 seconds.

The Scroll of Patience increases damage based on how slow the weapon hits.


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of Weakening Scroll of Weakening Helm, Body,
Legs, Weapon,
4 100 20 Air, Fire, Mind Decreases the level requirements of the item by 5.
Scroll of Healing Scroll of Healing Shield,
10 200 30 Blood, Nature, Cosmic Passive healing is increased by 0.5 health per minute.
Scroll of Fortitude Scroll of Fortitude Shield,
- - - - Increases max health by 4.5.
Scroll of Force Scroll of Force Shield 79 900 80 Blood, Death, Chaos Gain 10% of the shield's average melee defense as accuracy. The shield no longer provides any defensive bonuses.
Scroll of Overhealing Scroll of Overhealing Weapon 11 200 30 Air, Water, Death Heal for 1% of overkill damage on a target.
Scroll of Accuracy Scroll of Accuracy Weapon 28 400 40 Blood, Death, Mind Increase the players accuracy bonus 5%.
Scroll of Critical Strike Scroll of Critical Strike Weapon 52 600 60 Blood, Death, Chaos, Cosmic Gain a 5% chance on hit to critically strike, dealing 130% damage.
Scroll of Reinforcement Scroll of Reinforcement Helm, Body,
13 200 30 Death, Chaos, Mind Reduce the enemy's chance to hit by 5%.
Scroll of Protection Scroll of Protection Helm, Body,
31 400 40 Air, Earth, Cosmic Reduces all damage taken by 4%.
Scroll of Recklessness Scroll of Recklessness Helm, Body,
81 1000 80 Blood, Death, Chaos Increases outgoing damage by 1.
Scroll of Patience Scroll of Patience Body, Legs 82 1000 80 Air, Water, Death Increases the efficiency of slower attacks.
Scroll of the Treasure Hunter Scroll of the Treasure Hunter Gloves, Boots 85 1000 80 Chaos, Nature, Cosmic Increases your chance of finding items from slain enemies by 3%.
Scroll of Prolonging Scroll of Prolonging Gloves, Boots 58 700 60 Nature, Mind Gain 10% more buff stacks from consumables.
Scroll of Enlightenment Scroll of Enlightenment Gloves, Boots 73 900 70 Air, Water, Chaos, Mind Gain 1 more essence per action where essence is acquired.

Food Buffs

Image Enchantment Effect
Nimble Increases defense for a short time. Each level of Nimble increases defense by around 10%. Eating food with spider legs as an ingredient will grant this buff; a popular recipe is 5 spider legs.
Demon Skin Reduces all damage taken in combat by the level of the demon skin. This only affects combat, so if consumed while out of combat there will be no effect. If you stop fighting, the buff disappears. It can be created by cooking food with Ichor; an example is 4 apples and 1 Ichor. Stacks are not consumed if the monster hits a 0.

Special Combat

Elite Scroll

Elite Scrolls are found as a combat drop and offers a harder combat challenge for the player when the seal is broken. All combat zones drop a scroll, full info can be found here


Dungeons are multiplayer instances containing harder versions of the monsters and a boss. A key is required to enter the dungeon with craftable key pieces found in select zones.

Aberrant Shrimp

Aberrant Shrimp are fought when augmenting a Shrimp Bauble until it breaks. They have 300 HP and drop Shrimp and one of either Shrimp Carapace, Shrimp Greaves, Shrimp Helm, or Shrimp Shell.


Spriggans are fought when Foraging in the Living Forest. They have 75 HP and drop Branches, Logs, Sageberry Bush Seeds, and Elder Tree Seeds.

Greater Demon

Greater Demons are fought when mining in the Deep Pit. They have 89 HP and drop Scrolls, Demonic Trial, Ichor, and Gold Ore.

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