Elder Lockstone

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Elder Lockstone
Type of zoneCombat
MonstersAll elves
Elven King
Notable DropsElven King’s Longbow
Living Shard
Zone Recommendations
Rec. Combat Levels90+
Rec. GearEndgame Gear

Elder Lockstone is a dungeon key that takes the user(s) to the Elder Ruins where they will fight a number of different monsters, ending with the Elven King.

The key is made from either one Elder Gem with various other materials, or three Elder Gems. These drop from the Elven Encampment.

Recommended Gear[edit | edit source]

  • Level 75+ in relevant combat stats.
  • Recommended style: Ranged
  • At least one tank mercenary

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Name Image Drop Location Drop Rate
Elven King’s Longbow Elven King, Elder Lockstone, Elder Cache ?
Living Shard Elven King, Elder Lockstone, Elder Cache ?