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Type of zoneCombat
MonstersRat, Chicken, Goblin, Cow
Notable DropsLesser Ladle, Ladle, Greater Ladle, Cluster-Cluck, Stew Stained Page, Scrap of Stained Parchment, Cluster Cluck
Rec. Combat Levels1 - 20
Rec. GearNone - Bronze

The Farm is a low-tier combat area.

Recommended Gear


Monster Encounter Rate Combat Level HP Drops
Rat Rat 30% 2 1 -
Chicken Chicken 30% 3 1 Raw Chicken, Feather, Egg, Branch, Cluster-Cluck (Elite Scroll)
Cow Cow 30% 8 2 Raw Beef, Milk
Goblin Goblin 10% 5 5 Gold, Goblin Brain, Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Bronze Bar, Bronze Boots, Iron Boots, Lesser Ladle, Ladle, Greater Ladle, Stew Stained Page (Elite Scroll) Scrap of Stained Parchment