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Gold20,000 - 30,000
Level Required-
SlotMain Hand/Two Handed
Attack Speed2 - 3s
Attack TypeCrush
Enchantment Slots5
Offensive Stats
AccuracyMelee StrMagic StrRange Str
10 - 217 - 18--
Defensive Stats
-0 - 1-0 - 1-1 - 0
Augment Bonus
+3 / +4
Aug. Cost600 Burnt Fishes
1 Ruby

There are currently four different type of ladles, three of them can be acquired as combat drops from Goblins which are located in both Farm and Caves, the other one (Searing Ladle) is found as a rare drop inside the goblin dungeon Torn Goblin Settlement Map.

Normal (non-searing) ladles are mostly used for their augment bonus which increases a players effective cooking level. Searing Ladle increases the burn chance when augmented instead of decreasing it like the other ladles. Making it a good choice if the player want to for example, burn fish on purpose to get Burnt Fish.


"Gordon's Fury" - A fire attack that is 50% faster, 50% less accurate, and does double damage with a cooldown of at least 10 seconds. This ability is for Searing Ladle ONLY. Normal Ladles do not have this ability.


List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
scroll of Master Chef[?] Ladle 84 1000 80 Water, Fire, Earth Decrease chance to burn food while cooking by 4% of your effective cooking level. (level 99 * 4% = -3.96% burn chance)


Name Slot Attack Type Attack Speed Melee Strength Accuracy Defense Augmenting Bonus Augment Cost Enchantment Slots Notes
Lesser Ladle Lesser Ladle Main Hand Crush 2s +7 +10 +1 Magic +3 Cooking 600 Burnt Fish
1 Ruby
Ladle Ladle Main Hand Crush 2.4s +14 +19 +1 Slash +3 Cooking 600 Burnt Fish
1 Ruby
Ladle Greater Ladle Two Handed Crush 3s +26 +27 -1 Ranged +3 Cooking 600 Burnt Fish
1 Ruby
Searing Ladle Searing Ladle Main Hand Crush 2.4s +18 +21 +1 Slash +4 Cooking 15000 Fire Essence
1000 Burnt Fish
1000 Burnt Food
4 Rubies
  • Reduces success chance by 10% + 5% per augment
  • Maximum success chance reduction of 70%
  • Full exp on burn

Searing Ladle Success Chance

Searing Ladle decreases success chance starting from 10% plus 5% per augment level up to a maximum of 70% reduction multiplicatively.

Reductions are applied after Cooking and Master Chef enchantments so success chance can never be 100% with a Searing Ladle.

where burnChance can be calculated from this cooking formula and searingLadleAugs is the augment level of the Searing Ladle.