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Talismans can be obtained primarily by opening Chests. However, the Earth, Fire and Water talisman can be acquired through Combat by killing Fire Giants, Moss Giants and Ice Giants respectively in the Valley of Giants zone. The Blood talisman can be acquired through Combat as well by killing Bone Giants in the Corrupted Lands zone.

Alternatively, Talismans can be purchased from other players on the Market.

Consuming a talisman for the first time will forever increase their respective Runecrafting essence gain by 4. Consuming the same type of talisman the following times will give a random amount of their respective essence between 10,000 - 50,000.

Talisman Types

Image Talisman Obtained
Air Talisman Chests
Earth Talisman Chests
Fire Talisman Chests

Fire Giants

Water Talisman Chests

Ice Giants

Blood Talisman Chests

Bone Giants

Death Talisman Chests
Chaos Talisman Chests
Nature Talisman Chests

Moss Giants

Mind Talisman Chests
Cosmic Talisman Chests