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Cooking UI
This page is about the skill. For the enchantment, see Cooking (Enchantment).

Cooking is a skill that allows raw ingredients to be cooked into edible food or potions. Players can add up to 5 ingredients into the pot by interacting with the ingredients window on the right and then using heat to cook them.

Food has a chance to burn, depending on the player's effective cooking level and the experience given by the recipe. Either burnt food or burnt fish is produced when failing depending on the type of ingredients used. Effective cooking level and the amount of ingredients used also affects the level of food produced, which directly affects the amount of health and buff stacks the food will have. By leveling cooking, the player is able to cook better foods that give increased healing and better buffs.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Recover health by eating food or drinking potions out of combat.
  • Food can be placed in the combat inventory to recover health during combat.
    - Combat buffs are only applied when food is eaten during combat and disappears when leaving combat.
  • Can be used to obtain various buffs that help in other skills such as foraging, mining, etc.
  • Cooking fish has a chance to produce fish oil which can be used in crafting to create pyre logs.

Fish Oil Chance[edit | edit source]

Oil chance is determined by the total size of fish in the pot, with each size giving 5% chance. A chance of over 100% does not give additional fish oil and a negative chance is capped at 0%.

Fish Chance*
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp 5%
Raw Anchovy Raw Anchovy 5%
Raw Magnetic Minnow Raw Magnetic Minnow 5%
Raw Trout Raw Trout 10%
Raw Salmon Raw Salmon 10%
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster 15%
Raw Tuna Raw Tuna 15%
Raw Tigerfish Raw Tigerfish 15%
Raw Slippery Eel Raw Slippery Eel 15%
Raw Crab Raw Crab 15%
Raw Shark Raw Shark 20%
Raw Hammerhead Shark Raw Hammerhead Shark 25%
Raw Great White Shark Raw Great White Shark 25%
Raw Huge Tuna Raw Huge Tuna 30%

*Per fish used. For example, cooking with 1 Raw Shark and 1 Raw Tuna results in a 35% chance, while cooking with 5 Raw Sharks will result in a 100% chance to receive fish oil regardless of burn chance.

Determining Produced Food[edit | edit source]

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

There are six factors associated with each ingredient:

  1. "Category" or "Tags" - This denotes which category or categories of food the ingredient belongs to. Ingredients can have multiple tags, and the value of a tag is equal to the size of the ingredient.
    • There are a total of 13 Tags: Fruit, Vegetable, Grain, Dairy, Eggs, Meat, Beast, Poultry, Fish, Monster, Spice, Sweetener, and Preservative.
  2. Size - This is used to calculate the value of the ingredient's category/tag, and the time it takes to cook the dish.
  3. XP - The amount of experience gained when the ingredient is cooked. This is used to calculate difficulty (Chance to burn the food).
  4. Heat - The amount of heat required to cook the ingredient.
  5. Difficulty - Determines the burn chance of food.
  6. Buff - The buff effect that is added to the produced food when this ingredient is cooked. Only some ingredients add buffs to food when cooked.
    • If more than one unique buff-granting ingredient is used in the same recipe, the food produced will always be Questionable Food.
    • The buff effect applies the buff with a level of 2, and cannot be increased or decreased.
    • Buffs stack with enchants from other sources such as armor. E.g., if the player has 5 Gathering scrolls on their ring and consumes a dish that grants Gathering 2, the player will have a total effect of Gathering 7.

Ingredient Table[edit | edit source]

Ingredient Category EXP Food Size Alchemy Size Heat Difficulty Source Seed Buff
Milk Milk Dairy 5 1 5 1 Combat
Butter Butter Dairy 15 3 15 3 Crafting
Egg Egg Egg 5 1 5 1 Combat
Fish Oil Fish Oil 15 -5 30 0 Cooking fish
Fishing with Oil Spill
Raw Shrimp Raw Shrimp Fish, Meat 5 1 3 5 1 Fishing Shrimp Lord
Raw Anchovy Raw Anchovy Fish, Meat 5 1 5 1
Raw Magnetic Minnow Raw Magnetic Minnow Fish, Meat 10 1 2.5 5 1 Fishing Magnetism
Raw Salmon Raw Salmon Fish, Meat 15 2 10 2
Raw Trout Raw Trout Fish, Meat 15 2 10 2
Raw Lobster Raw Lobster Fish, Meat 25 3 15 3
Raw Tuna Raw Tuna Fish, Meat 20 3 15 3
Raw Tigerfish Raw Tigerfish Fish, Meat 25 3 2 15 3 Reinforced Line
Raw Slippery Eel Raw Slippery Eel Fish, Meat 25 3 2 15 3 Oil Spill
Raw Crab Raw Crab Fish, Meat 30 3 15 3
Raw Shark Raw Shark Fish, Meat 30 4 20 4
Raw Hammerhead Shark Raw Hammerhead Shark Fish, Meat 35 5 25 5
Raw Great White Shark Raw Great White Shark Fish, Meat 32 5 2.5 25 5 Deadliest Catch
Raw Huge Tuna Raw Huge Tuna Fish, Meat 45 6 30 6
Banana Banana Fruit, Sweetener 5 1 2 5 1 Foraging Yes Gathering
Wildberry Wildberry Fruit, Sweetener 10 1 5 2 Yes
Sageberry Sageberry Fruit, Sweetener 25 1 2 25 5 Farming Yes Intuition
Apple Apple Fruit, Sweetener 5 2 10 1 Foraging Yes
Tomato Tomato Fruit 10 2 10 2 Yes
Wheat Wheat Grain 10 1 5 2 Foraging Yes
Rice Rice Grain 10 2 10 2 Yes
Water Imbued Dust Water Imbued Dust Grain, Spice 5 1 1 5 1 Crafting Flame Resistance
Ashes Ashes Grain, Spice 15 3 1 15 3 Combat Pyromancy
Raw Beef Raw Beef Meat, Beast 5 2 10 1 Combat
Raw Chicken Raw Chicken Meat, Poultry 5 2 10 1
Ichor Ichor Monster, Spice 20 1 2 5 4 Combat Demon Skin
Goblin Brain Goblin Brain Monster, Meat 10 2 2 10 2 Runecrafting
Spider Legs Spider Legs Monster, Meat 20 4 2.5 20 4 Nimble
Raw Ancient Lobster Raw Ancient Lobster Monster, Meat 32 5 25 5 Fishing
Raw Megalodon Raw Megalodon Monster, Meat 50 7 35 7
Raw Tentacle Meat Raw Tentacle Meat Monster, Meat 75 9 45 9
Pepper Pepper Spice 5 1 1.5 5 1 Farming Yes Inferno
Salt Salt Spice, Preservative 5 1 1 5 1 Mining Cooking
Sugar Sugar Spice, Sweetener 5 1 1 5 1 Farming Yes Efficiency
Honey Honey Spice, Sweetener 15 3 2.5 15 3 Foraging Fishing
Seaweed Seaweed Vegetable 5 1 1 5 1 Fishing Pungent Bait
Carrot Carrot Vegetable 5 1 5 1 Foraging Yes
Mushroom Mushroom Vegetable 15 1 2 5 3 Yes Nature
Chili Pepper Chili Pepper Vegetable 10 2 1 10 2 Yes Superheated
Potato Potato Vegetable 10 2 10 2 Yes
Pumpkin Pumpkin Vegetable 15 3 15 3 Yes
Watermelon Watermelon Fruit 15 3 1.5 15 3 Empowered Gathering
Durian Durian Vegetable, Fruit 30 1 2 10 6 Naturalist
Onion Onion Vegetable 10 2 1 10 2
Mana Berry Mana Berry Fruit, Spice 10 2 1.5 10 2 Rune Reserves
Thorny Root Thorny Root Vegetable 10 2 1.5 10 2
Thorny Vine Thorny Vine Vegetable 10 1.5 2 10 2
Mandrake Mandrake Vegetable 30 2 3 15 6
Black Berry Black Berry Fruit, Sweetener 45 0.25 4 20 9
Frost Flowers Frost Flowers Vegetable, Spice 15 2 2 10 3 Supercooling
Fairy Dust Fairy Dust Spice 35 0.25 3.5 17 7
Four-leaf Clover Four-leaf Clover Vegetable 20 1 1 5 4 Treasure Hunter
Pineapple Pineapple Fruit 15 2.5 2 13 3
Lotus Flower Lotus Flower Vegetable,


55 1 5.5 27 11
Choccy Milk Choccy Milk Dairy 25 5 25 5 Combat

Recipes[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 39 discovered recipes in the in-game recipe database. Each recipe has the following properties:

  1. ID - The unique ID of the recipe in the recipe list within the game's code.
  2. HP - The base hitpoint recovery value granted by the food when cooked without factoring ingredients or other quality bonuses.
  3. Value - The price that the dish can be sold to the vendor for.
  4. Ingredient Tags - The ingredient types that are required to cook the fish. E.g., the Birdie Pasta recipe has the poultry and grain tags, meaning that cooking 1x Raw Chicken and 1x Rice would create this recipe.

All Recipes Table[edit | edit source]

ID Food HP Vendor price Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4
2100 Questionable Food Questionable Food 1 5 - - -
2102 Seared Steak Seared Steak 1 50 Beast
2103 Seared Fish Seared Fish 1 30 Fish
2104 Seared Poultry Seared Poultry 1 50 Poultry
2105 Birdie Pasta Birdie Pasta 3 75 Poultry Grain
2106 Spaghetti & Meat Spaghetti & Meat 3 75 Beast Grain
2107 Sushi Sushi 3 100 Fish Grain
2108 Birdie Pie Birdie Pie 4 125 Poultry Grain Dairy
2109 Cottage Pie Cottage Pie 4 125 Beast Grain Dairy
2110 Fisherman's Pie Fisherman's Pie 4 125 Fish Grain Dairy
2111 Fruit Pie Fruit Pie 4 125 Fruit Grain Dairy
2112 Demon Cake Demon Cake 3 175 Monster Grain Sweetener
2113 Cake Cake 4 100 Dairy Grain Sweetener
2114 Fruit Cake Fruit Cake 4 125 Fruit Grain Sweetener
2115 Grain Cake Grain Cake 3 125 Grain Sweetener
2116 Omelette Omelette 2 75 Eggs
2117 Monster Omelette Monster Omelette 3 150 Eggs Monster
2118 Meaty Omelette Meaty Omelette 3 125 Eggs Beast
2119 Veggie Crepe Veggie Crepe 3 125 Eggs Vegetable
2120 Fruity Crepe Fruity Crepe 3 150 Eggs Fruit
2121 Eggnog Eggnog 3 50 Eggs Dairy
2122 Meat Roast Meat Roast 4 150 Beast Fish Poultry
2123 Fried Fruit Fried Fruit 1 100 Fruit
2124 Grilled Veggies Grilled Veggies 1 100 Vegetable
2125 Kebabs Kebabs 3 150 Meat Vegetable
2126 Candied Fruit Candied Fruit 2 125 Fruit Sweetener
2127 Milkshake Milkshake 4 75 Fruit Sweetener Dairy
2128 Vegetable Stew Vegetable Stew 3 150 Dairy Vegetable
2129 Meaty Stew Meaty Stew 3 125 Dairy Meat
2130 Monster Stew Monster Stew 3 200 Dairy Monster
2131 Jerky Jerky 3 75 Meat Preservative
2132 Pudding Pudding 4 100 Eggs Dairy Sweetener
2133 Ice Cream Ice Cream 3 100 Dairy Sweetener
2134 Monster Curry Monster Curry 4 150 Monster Grain Spice
2135 Birdie Curry Birdie Curry 4 175 Poultry Grain Spice
2136 Beast Curry Beast Curry 4 175 Beast Grain Spice
2137 Seafood Curry Seafood Curry 4 175 Fish Grain Spice Any non-buff ingredient
except fish or grain
E.G. Apple/Wildberry/Potato
2138 Monster Gelato Monster Gelato 4 225 Monster Dairy Eggs

Resulting Dish[edit | edit source]

The resulting dish is determined by the ingredients and the size of each ingredient type.

  1. The categories of the ingredients matches a recipe in the in-game recipe database.
  2. The size of ingredient categories in the recipe that is used by the recipe.
  3. The size of ingredient categories in the recipe that is NOT used by the recipe.
  4. If the categories of the ingredients matches more than one recipe, the ID of the recipes.

In order for a recipe to be valid, the categories of the ingredients must match against a recipe in the in-game recipe database. Additionally, the total size of categories not used by the recipe must not be greater than the total size of ingredients used by the recipe. If the categories of the ingredients matches more than one recipe, the result will be the recipe with the lowest ID. If all recipes in the in-game recipe database is invalidated, Questionable Food will be produced.

If a player attempts to cook the Seafood Curry recipe with 2x Raw Shark and 2x Ashes, the total size of each ingredient category are:

Ingredient Quantity Size Category Total Size
Raw Shark 2 4 Fish, Meat 8
Ashes 2 3 Grain, Spice 6

The above recipe is determined by the following:

  1. The ingredients matches the following recipes: Seared Fish, Sushi, Grilled Veggies, Kebab, Seafood Curry.
  2. The total size of ingredients for Seared Fish [Fish] is 8. The total size of unused ingredients [Meat, Grain, Spice, Vegetable] is 21. Therefore, this recipe is not valid.
  3. The total size of ingredients for Sushi [Fish, Grain] is 14. The total size of unused ingredients [Meat, Spice, Vegetable] is 15. Therefore, this recipe is not valid.
  4. The total size of ingredients for Grilled Veggies [Vegetable] is 1. The total size of unused ingredients [Meat, Fish, Grain, Spice] is 28. Therefore, this recipe is not valid.
  5. The total size of ingredients for Kebab [Meat, Vegetable] is 9. The total size of unused ingredients [Fish, Grain, Spice] is 20. Therefore, this recipe is not valid.
  6. The total size of ingredients for Seafood Curry [Fish, Grain, Spice] is 20. The total size of unused ingredients [Meat, Vegetable] is 9. Therefore, this recipe is valid.
  7. As Seafood Curry is the only valid recipe, Seafood Curry is created.

Food Quality[edit | edit source]

The quality of food is determined by the following formula:

The base quality of the food is determined by the lowest size of the categories used in the recipe plus additional quality bonuses from Cooking Level. Every 30 Effective Cooking levels will provide +1 Quality to food produced.

If a player attempts to cook the Seafood Curry recipe with 2x Raw Shark, 2x Ashes, and 1x Carrot, the total size of each relevant ingredient category are:

Ingredient Quantity Size Category Total Size
Raw Shark 2 4 Fish 8
Ashes 2 3 Grain, Spice 6

The quality of the produced food will be:

  1. The size of Fish is 8.
  2. The size of Grain is 6.
  3. The size of Spice is 6.
  4. The base quality of the recipe is the lowest size of the categories used. Therefore, the base quality is 6.
  5. If the player's cooking level is 156, the player's cooking level grants +5 quality to the produced food.
  6. 1 is deducted from the quality at the end of the formula. The result is Sushi with +10 Quality.

Food Healing[edit | edit source]

The amount of HP recovered when the dish is consumed is based on the quality of food.

Seafood Curry has a base HP value of 4. A Seafood Curry with +10 Quality will recover hitpoints.

Food Buffs[edit | edit source]

The number of stacks of buff that will be applied when a dish is consumed is determined by the following formula:

Food with buffs can be created by using special buff-granting ingredients while cooking. The buff granted is determined by the ingredient used, and if more than one buff-granting ingredient is used, the produced food will always be Questionable Food with the buff of the first buff ingredient in the pot.

Cooking Speed[edit | edit source]

Cooking speed is determined by the following formula:

  • The first part of the formula represents the base cooking speed of the ingredients.
  • The second part accounts for the speed bonus from cooking stats on an augmented ladle.
  • The third part accounts for the speed bonus from the Haste enchantment.

This means that cooking speed is only affected by three factors: The total size of the ingredients used, the cooking stats of the player's equipped ladle, and the player's equipped Haste enchantment level.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Chance of success is determined by the following formula:

where difficulty is the total difficulty of the ingredients, effLvl the effective cooking level, clvl, mlvl and olvl are the level of the Cooking, Master Chef and Overly Well Done enchantment.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Cooking and eating food created with a few specific ingredients (see below) can give various buffs, similar to those from enchantments. The amount of buff stacks given by the food is determined by the quality of the food and players effective cooking level (base cooking level + additional modifiers such as an augmented ladle), players can hover over the cooking skill icon to see their effective level.

Identical food buffs and enchantments will stack. For example, if a player has an active 30% Inferno buff from a scroll of inferno, and a 10% inferno buff from food, they will have a total of 40%.

Food can be eaten any time out of combat to recover health, food added to the combat inventory may be used during combat. Combat buffs will only be applied if the food is eaten during combat. Combat buffs will not be kept upon exiting combat, while skill-based buffs gained from eating food in combat will be kept until used once out of combat. Non-combat buff stacks are consumed by performing an action out of combat, regardless of the type of skill being trained. I.E inferno stacks will be used even when not smithing

Buffs gained from food[edit | edit source]

Name Skill Affected Description Buff Gained From
Cooking Cooking Cooking Decreases chance of burning food by 8% while cooking. Salt
Shrimp Lord Shrimp Lord Cooking Player gains 10% increased chance of finding Raw Shrimp while Cooking. Raw Shrimp
Pyromancy Pyromancy Cooking and Smithing Player uses 10% less heat while Cooking and Smithing. Ashes
Inferno Inferno Smithing Gain a 10% chance to automatically smelt ores an additional time while smithing. Pepper
Superheating Superheating Mining Gain a 2% chance to instantly smelt an ore into a bar while mining. Chili Pepper
Nature Nature Foraging Gain 10% chance to collect bonus logs while foraging. Mushroom
Fishing Fishing Fishing Increases fishing catch rate by 10%. Honey
Fishing Magnetism Fishing Magnetism Fishing Increases bonus rarity by 4 and decreases bait and reel power by the same amount. Increases chance to find known rare nodes. Raw Magnetic Minnow
Reinforced Line Reinforced Line Fishing Increases reel power by 6. Raw Tigerfish
Pungent Bait Pungent Bait Fishing Increases bait power by 6. Seaweed
Oil Spill Oil Spill Fishing Adds 7.5% chance to try and extract fish oil from a fish based on the fish's size. There is a chance that fish oil may not be created if the fish is too small. Raw Slippery Eel
Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch Fishing Increases bonuses from bait by 10%, but decreases chance of bait preservation by 5%. Increases chance to find known rare resources. Raw Great White Shark
Gathering Gathering Mining, Foraging, and Fishing Gain a 20% chance to find an extra resource while gathering. Banana
Runecrafting Runecrafting Runecrafting Reduces essence used in runecrafting by 10%. Goblin Brain
Efficiency Efficiency Cooking and Smithing Gain a 2% chance to produce an extra item during cooking and smithing. Sugar
Intuition Intuition Most activities Increases experience gained by 10% while doing most things. Sageberry
Demon Skin Demon Skin Combat All damage taken is reduced by 2. Ichor
Nimble Nimble Combat Increases Defense by about 20%. Spider Legs
Flame Resistance Flame Resistance Combat Grants some resistance to intense heat. Water Imbued Dust

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Ring, Necklace, Weapon, Shield, Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Cape, Arrows, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hoe, Tacklebox, Tongs, Tome, Ladle, Combat-Amulet, Chisel 48 600 60 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic ONLY APPLIES TO THE ITEM THIS ENCHANTMENT IS ON. Increases soulbound item XP gain by 6%.
Scroll of the Shrimp Lord Scroll of the Shrimp Lord Gloves, Boots 1 100 10 Air, Water, Chaos, Nature Gain 5% chance per cooking action to gain one Raw Shrimp.
Scroll of Cooking Scroll of Cooking Gloves, Boots, Ladle 40 500 50 Earth, Fire, Water Decrease chance to burn food while cooking by 4%.
Scroll of Inferno Scroll of Inferno Boots, Gloves 46 600 50 Earth, Fire, Chaos Gain a 4% chance per smithing/cooking action to complete another smithing/cooking action.

Caps at 80% strength; every 25% strength increases the number of times inferno can proc by 1.

For example at strength 1 (4%) it can proc once, at strength 7 (28%) it can proc twice, etc.
Scroll of Efficiency Scroll of Efficiency Gloves, Boots 91 1500 130 Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Nature Gain 1% chance to produce an extra item during cooking, smithing, scrollcrafting, and weaving fibers.
Scroll of Prolonging Scroll of Prolonging Gloves, Boots 58 700 60 Nature, Mind Gain a 20% chance to not consume a buff stack (resulting in 25% more uses from a buff on average).
Scroll of Enlightenment Scroll of Enlightenment Gloves, Boots 73 900 70 Air, Water, Chaos, Mind Gain 1 more essence per action where essence is acquired.
Scroll of Pyromancy Scroll of Pyromancy Ring, Necklace 7 100 30 Fire, Water, Nature Use 5% less heat when cooking and smithing. Caps at 80% reduction.
Scroll of Wealth Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature, Mind, Cosmic Automatically sells gathering and production items for 20% of their vendor price. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Scholar.
Scroll of the Scholar Scroll of the Scholar Ring, Necklace 88 1300 110 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases experience gained from gathering and production by 20% but destroys the item in process. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Wealth. Only active for mastery experience, when a skill is at level 99.
Scroll of Haste Scroll of Haste Ring, Necklace 94 2000 200 Air, Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases non-combat action speed by 4%. Caps at halving action time. Stacks with Empowered Haste.
Scroll of Overly Well Done Scroll of Overly Well Done Ladle 2 100 10 Earth, Fire, Water Increases chance to burn food and reduces burn XP penalty (caps at no penalty) while cooking by 20%.
Scroll of the Master Chef Scroll of the Master Chef Ladle 84 1000 90 Earth, Fire, Water Decreases chance to burn food while cooking by 4% of your effective cooking level.

Bonus Items[edit | edit source]

See Shrimp Bauble