Shrimp Bauble

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Shrimp Bauble
Shrimp Bauble

Shrimp Baubles were introduced during the Alikar's Follery event, they are used to summon the Aberrant Shrimp.


Shrimp Baubles are created by cooking 5 raw shrimp with at least 7 levels of the shrimp lord buff active at once. One cheap way of obtaining this is by equipping obsidian boots with 5 levels of the Shrimp Lord enchantment (see the enchanting notes section for information on how this works, namely that enchantments do not stack across multiple equipment), and eat food with shrimp lord 2. Warning: any less than 5 shrimp will not result in a shrimp bauble. A player should receive on average 1 bauble for every 500 shrimp cooked.

Burning the shrimp or receiving fish oil does not affect the chance to obtain the bauble.


When augmented at the cost of 1000 chaos essence until it breaks, it will summon an Aberrant Shrimp. If the player augments a shrimp bauble to +9, any further failed augment attempt will then result in two encounters when it breaks instead of one. Two Aberrant Shrimp is the maximum amount of encounters.

Aberrant Shrimp Drop Chart
Image Drops Slot Probability Amount
Shrimp Helm Helm 1/4 1
Shrimp Carapace Breastplate
Shrimp Greaves Leggings
Shrimp Shell Shield
Shrimp Augmenting 1/5 1 - 9

The Aberrant Shrimp may drop shrimp (not to be confused with Raw Shrimp), which can be augmented using 1 raw shrimp to create a Shrimp Ascendant.

AugmentingAugmenting Source Item Chance of Transforming Upgrade Image Upgrade Result
Raw Shrimp x5 1% (500 Raw Shrimps)

Cook with at least +7 Shrimp Lord

Shrimp Bauble
Shrimp Bauble Fail augment below +9 Aberrant Shrimp (Encounter)
Shrimp Bauble Fail augment at or above +9 Aberrant Shrimp x2 (Encounter)
Shrimp [?]
(Any augment)
Shrimp Ascendant
Shrimp Ascendant [?]
(Any augment)
Shrimp Bauble

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