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Elite Scroll
Elite Scroll[?]

Elite Scrolls are rare items found in combat drops and in satchels that offer a harder combat challenge for players who are willing to test their skills and equipment. Players completing augmented scroll challenges gain a Treasure Hunter buff in the respective zone. Therefore, it is advised that players shouldn't use unaugmented scrolls.

They are considered to be a very rare drop.

The scrolls are tradeable and are therefore obtainable through the marketplace.

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Combat Challenge: Players can break the scroll's seal in their inventory to start a combat challenge. The difficulty depends on the scroll's augmentation level.
It is not possible to start the scroll event unless the player is at full health. (this is possible to turn off in settings if the player wishes to do so)
  • Augmentation: Players can increase the difficulty of the combat challenge by augmenting the scroll. More info below.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

There are currently 8 different types of scrolls and all are obtained through combat or opening certain chests:

Scroll Source Encounter during challenge Permanent TH gained in
(Completed +1 or higher)
Cluster-Cluck Cluster-Cluck Chicken in Farm Ot_to's Prized Hen Farm
Stew Stained Page Stew Stained Page Goblin in Farm and Caves Elite Goblin Caves
Black Knight's Trial Black Knight's Trial Black Knight in City Elite Black Knight City
Taproot Scroll Taproot Scroll Spriggan in Living Forest Elite Spriggan Living Forest
Demonic Trial Demonic Trial Imp/Lesser Demon/Greater Demon in
Caves/Lava Maze/Deep Pit
Elite Lesser/Greater Demon Lava Maze/Deep Pit
Stormy Sea Scroll Stormy Sea Scroll Sunken Treasure/Ancient Treasure, Combat in Stormy Seas[?] Elite Swordfish Stormy Seas
Corroded Scroll Corroded Scroll Infected Naga/Bone Giant in Corrupted Lands Elite Infected Naga/Bone Giant Corrupted Lands
Giant Scroll Giant Scroll Giants in Valley of Giants Elite Giant
33% chance between Fire/Ice/Moss
Valley of Giants
Shapeless Scroll Shapeless Scroll Chaos Giants and Chaotic Abominations in Chaos Wastes Elite Chaos Giant Chaos Wastes

RISE OF INFO is a key and not an elite scroll.

Augmenting[edit | edit source]

Scrolls can be augmented with an unaugmented scroll of the same type with a 100% success rate.

Players can augment their scroll to get:

  • Increased difficulty in the challenge.
  • Increased loot count.
  • If the challenge is completed the player will get a permanent Treasure Hunter buff in that zone.

The permanent Treasure Hunter buff only takes the highest completed challenge in the respective zone, which means if a player completes two +5 demonic trials, or a +4 and a +5 trial, the player will only gain the buff once meaning +5 TH total in lava maze/deep pit.

  • Augment +: Amount the scroll has been augmented. Augmenting a scroll is always successful, and the player will always receive 0 xp.
  • Amount of Encounters: How many mobs the player have to defeat to complete the challenge.
  • Treasure Hunter Buff: How much treasure hunter buff the player will receive if they complete the challenge. The zone/s affected by each scroll can be found above.
  • Mob Stat Multiplier: Each time a player augments their scroll, the elite mob stats increase. These stats include their HP, offensive and defensive stats. These stats are not comparable to the normal mob stats.
  • Loot Multiplier: Increases the range of how much item is dropped only in the scroll challenge. If an item had a drop range of 1 - 9 (avg. 5), a 2x multiplier will increase it to 1 - 18 (avg. 9.5), but a drop range of 5 - 5 (avg. 5) will only increase to 5 - 6 (avg. 5.5), while single drop items, notably rares, will increase to 1 - 2 (avg. 1.5).
    If a single drop is multiplied by 1.1x, the range will become 1 - 1.1 (avg. 1.09) with the fraction rounded up for a roughly 9% chance to double the item.

Every scroll augment will result in a stat multiplier of 1.1^level and +10% loot count.

Augment + Amount of
Treasure Hunter
Mob Stat Multiplier Loot Multiplier
(Single Drop Multi)
0 1 0 1x 1x (1x)
1 3 1 1.1x 1.1x (1.09x)
2 5 2 1.21x 1.2x (1.17x)
3 7 3 1.331x 1.3x (1.23x)
4 9 4 1.464x 1.4x (1.29x)
5 11 5 1.611x 1.5x (1.33x)
6 13 6 1.772x 1.6x (1.38x)
7 15 7 1.949x 1.7x (1.41x)
8 17 8 2.144x 1.8x (1.44x)
9 19 9 2.358x 1.9x (1.47x)
10 21 10 2.594x 2x (1.5x)
11 23 11 2.853x 2.1x (1.57x)
12 25 12 3.138x 2.2x (1.64x)
13 27 13 3.452x 2.3x (1.70x)
14 29 14 3.797x 2.4x (1.75x)
15 31 15 4.177x 2.5x (1.8x)
16 33 16 4.595x 2.6x (1.85x)
17 35 17 5.054x 2.7x (1.89x)
18 37 18 5.56x 2.8x (1.93x)
19 39 19 6.116x 2.9x (1.97x)
20 41 20 6.727x 3x (2x)

Monsters[edit | edit source]

To know the HP of a mob during an augmented scroll challenge, take the base HP × difficulty multiplier

Monster Base HP Notable Drops Encountered in
Elite Chicken Elite Chicken 90 - Cluster-Cluck
Elite Goblin Elite Goblin 69 Scrap of Stained Parchment Scrap of Stained Parchment
Ladle Ladle any type except searing
Stew Stained Page
Elite Black Knight Elite Black Knight 360 Dark Fortress Key Dark Fortress Key
Black Knight Great Helm Black Knight Great Helm
Black Knight's Gauntlets Black Knight's Gauntlets
Black Knight's Trial
Elite Lesser Demon Elite Lesser Demon 550 Molten Ashes Molten Ashes
Infernal Flame Infernal Flame
Demonic Trial
Elite Greater Demon Elite Greater Demon 700 Molten Ashes Molten Ashes
Infernal Flame Infernal Flame
Demonic Trial
Elite Spriggan Elite Spriggan 750 Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet
Sageberry Bush Seed Sageberry Bush Seed
Elder Tree Seed Elder Tree Seed
Taproot Scroll
Elite Swordfish Elite Swordfish 700 Modified Diving Gloves Modified Diving Gloves
Forgotten Soul Forgotten Soul all types
Stormy Sea Scroll
Elite Ascended Elite Ascended 1,000 Modified Diving Gloves Modified Diving Gloves
Forgotten Soul Forgotten Soul all types
Stormy Sea Scroll
Elite Infected Naga Elite Infected Naga 725 Naga's Bracelet Naga's Bracelet Corroded Scroll
Elite Bone Giant Elite Bone Giant 850 Corrupted Fragment Corrupted Fragment
Decayed Cloak Decayed Cloak
Chorus of Souls Chorus of Souls
Corroded Scroll
Elite Fire Giant Elite Fire Giant 1,000 Fire Fragment Fire Fragment
Ancient Fire Amulet Ancient Fire Amulet
Fire Orb Fire Orb
Giant Scroll
Elite Moss Giant Elite Moss Giant 1,200 Nature Fragment Nature Fragment
Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet
Moss Maul Moss Maul
Giant Scroll
Elite Ice Giant Elite Ice Giant 1,350 Ice Fragment Ice Fragment
Kalanahmatti Kalanahmatti
King's Crown King's Crown
Giant Scroll
Elite Chaos Giant Elite Chaos Giant 1,500 Chaos Fragment Chaos Fragment
Ancient Nature Amulet Ancient Nature Amulet
Ancient Fire Amulet Ancient Fire Amulet
Signet Ring Signet Ring
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace
Scroll of Fortitude Scroll of Fortitude
Shapeless Scroll

Change Log[edit | edit source]

Release - 4 April 2021

Increased difficulty, adding permanent TH to zone - 21 April 2021