Black Knight's Fortress

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Black Knight's Fortress
Type of zoneCombat
MonstersBlack Knights
Black Knight Titans
Elite Bone Giant
Notable DropsBlack Knight Titan's Helm
Black Knight's Gauntlets
Rec. Combat Levels99
Rec. GearStygian 5+

Black Knight's Fortress, also known as Dark Fortress and Fort, is a mid to high-tier group combat area. It is the source of the Black Knight Titan's Helm, Black Knight's Gauntlets, and one of the sources of the Black Knight Great Helm.

The fortress allows up to 3 players with a single key used by the leader to enter. 3 players' worth of drops are generated per run and shared between players. If running Fortress with 2 players, the key owner will get 2 of the 3 loot rolls.

Recommended Gear

  • Level: 90–99 in all three combat skills
  • Armor: Stygian 5+ (Reinforcement, Protection enchantments)
  • Weapon: Shard of Kalanahmatti
  • Food: Total 600-1000 HP
  • Completion Time: 10 minutes or 30 minutes for rotation (3 runs at 1 key per person)


Each subsequent monster of the same type grows stronger.

Monster Encounters Max Hit HP Notable Drops
Black Knight Black Knight 7 10 - 18 168 - 273 Same as regular Black Knight
Black Knight Titan Black Knight Titan 4 28 - 42 625 - 1000 Black Knight's Gauntlets
Black Knight Familiar Stranger 1 44 1997 Ichor
Black Knight's Fortress Black Knight's Fortress Completion - - Black Knight Titan's Helm

* Stats are from a three-person group.