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Levels track a player's progress in a skill. Performing an action grants experience in a skill, and with enough experience gained, the player will level up in that skill. The maximum level is 99, with mastery levels after that.

If a player's level is boosted (e.g. with equipment or mastery levels), the effective level is usually used to calculate the effects of a player's level, except for combat skills, scrollcrafting, etc.


Levels can affect a skill in many different ways depending on the skill.

Mastery Levels

Mastery levels track a player's progress in a skill past level 99. These increase the effective level of a skill. After reaching level 99 in a skill, further experience will be mastery experience, levelling mastery levels. The experience needed to level up scales up very quickly (around double every 7 level), making it hard to obtain many mastery levels.

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