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DescriptionConsumes ichor received in combat to heal for 5 health.
Max Buff (+Food)3
Max Effect (+Food)Heal for 15 HP per ichor received in combat

Corruption consumes ichor gained in combat to heal the player and can only be gained by wearing a Corrupted Ring.


Corruption increases survivability for the player and to allow idling in Lava Maze and Corrupted Lands but can become a large income hit in Lava Maze and to a lesser extent Corrupted Lands.

Corruption can also be used in the Demonic Trial and Corroded Scroll Elite Scroll challenges where multiple ichor can drop per elite monster due to the loot multiplier.


Monster Zone Encounter Rate Max Hit HP Ichor Drop Rate
Lesser Demon Lesser Demon Lava Maze 60% 8 81 100%
Greater Demon Greater Demon Deep Pit ~6 per hour 9 89 1-2
Corrupted Tree Corrupted Tree Corrupted Lands 44% 14 95 10%
Infected Naga Infected Naga 44% 10 100 20%
Bone Giant Bone Giant 11% 10 125 20%


Corruption uses the Cultivation enchantment image.